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About Michy's

Hello! I’m Michelle Della Penna, a first-generation American in a very Italian-Argentinean family. I grew up in the kitchen, learning the art of Italian cooking from my Nonna. Food is the center of every event; it’s how we show love, maintain our heritage and leave our legacy. During high school, I became a vegetarian and started reinventing some of our family favorites into vegetarian friendly dishes. The results were delicious, satisfying and healthy recipes that encouraged my life long love affair with food.

Many years later, Michy’s, was born. A former vegan sous chef, I started Michy’s in support of my father’s choice to treat his cancer with a holistic approach and an all-vegan diet. After witnessing the positive impact of his healthy lifestyle change, I founded Michy’s with the intention of helping people make better choices about the food that they eat, while proving just how delicious “good for you food” can be. All of our cookies, cupcakes, muffins and cakes are 100% vegan, made with whole-wheat flour, unrefined sugar, safflower oil and flaxseed meal and we avoid the use of genetically-modified ingredients. I feel confident sharing these treats with my family and am honored that you¹ve decided to share them with yours. We hope you become a lifelong member of our Michy’s family.