Dedicated to helping people make better choices

As a Certified Autism Consultant, I have worked with Michelle to develop menus and diets for some of my clients and seen tremendous results. She has helped change the lives of the families I work with.
Melissa Reiner-Certified RDI Consultant

We get food every week and we love it!  Each and every dish is absolutely delicious! So flavorful and satisfying. We can’t live without it. No shopping, no cooking, no clean up – just delicious food ready to eat all the time.  What’s better than that?
Rose Villasenor-Meal Delivery Client

I’m a lifestyle photographer and have photographed many different chefs . My all time favorite person to photograph is Michelle Della Penna owner of Michy’s foods. Not only is her food gorgeous to photograph but it’s also as delicious as it looks. The best part is it’s all vegan so you don’t feel guilty popping that extra cookie in your mouth. I wish all my clients could be as passionate about food and health like Michelle. It makes my job that much easier when someone truly loves what they do and is making a difference in a healthy way.

Owner of Elizabeth Burgi Photography

Elizabeth Burgi

Michelle has been providing cooking classes for our group for almost 2 years. Our group consists of adults who have to follow a strict vegetarian, very low-fat diet. Many of them have little experience in the kitchen and feel hesitant about adopting these guidelines. Michelle transforms these difficult and intimidating techniques into a fun, practical and informative class that leaves participants feeling more confident in their ability to do this at home.  Michelle is approachable and warm, allowing participant to feel at ease to interact and ask any questions. Michelle can transform traditional comfort foods into vegan alternatives that retain the essence of the food, but doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard. Our participants’ and my personal favorite is her famous Mac and Cheese recipe which is now a staple in my house. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone. Her passion for cooking, love for helping others and professionalism make her a perfect fit for you next event.

Registered Dietitian for Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease at UCLA Health 

Mary Galindo, MPH, RD