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It’s been a long time

Hello folks!

Wow, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry to have left you for so long but time flies when you’re having fun! The last year has been quite the whirlwind. Last May I was invited to cook with the Dr. Dean Ornish program in Sausalito CA. If you are not familiar with Dr. Ornish’s work, I suggest you get acquainted. He is one of the first doctors to prove the link between illness and diet/lifestyle. His work on reversing heart disease was revolutionary. He showed that with a strict vegetarian diet, exercise and stress management, it is possible to reverse heart disease! His research is so revolutionary and important, in fact, that it has been developed into a hospital program as a viable treatment for heart disease. Last June, UCLA hospital became one of the first hospitals to employ this program. It was through my work with the Dr. Ornish program that I got in touch with the UCLA folks. Apparently, they needed help bringing the recipes to life for their patients-insert me here. Over this last year I have had the wonderful opportunity to cook for and conduct cooking classes for these fantastic patients. I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know the amazing people running this program at UCLA. I absolutely love what I am doing, as evidenced by this picture below. I think I was passionately talking about silken tofu.


It’s been an interesting year of self discovery and growth. I’ve honed my skills and my expertise immensely. And I’ve found, that what I really love and have always loved doing, is helping people make better choices about their food. Whether it’s helping parents get quick and healthy food on the table for their kids, helping people transition to a plant based diet or just talking about how to implement small changes with big impact into one’s lifestyle, is what I am really called to do. In fact, that’s what I set out to do with my cookies. It was all about showing people that cookies; with whole wheat flour, flaxseed meal and raw sugar could be delicious with out eggs, butter and milk. It’s naive to assume that everyone is just going to become plant based over night. It’s all about small changes, a game of inches, if you will, that eventually lead to significant gain. And so on that note, I’ve decided to roll out a web series all about helping people move to a plant based diet in an easy and seamless way. We’ll have tips and tricks and recipes and essential kitchen ingredients. There may even be an interview with my 5 year old; I’m just saying! I hope you will watch and give me your feedback. Let me know what topics you’d like to see covered. So, stay tuned. The first video is coming very soon! Here’s a sneak peak from the shoot.


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