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My mama was in town a couple of weeks ago.


In addition to hanging with the kiddos and doing a little shopping, my mom is always eager to try new food.  We’re constantly sharing our latest foodie adventures and vegan recipes, so there were a couple of places I wanted to take her to.  I had told her about M.A.K.E by Matthew Kenney in Santa Monica several months back and she was very excited to try it.  We headed out for an early lunch one Sunday morning with my dearest friend for a girl’s day out.  My mom was in love with the menu.  We ordered a bunch of food to share, some items I’d tried before and some new.  Everything was absolutely delectable. We shared the Cheese Plate and Kimchi dumplings, which were divine.  We also ordered the Kelp Noodles, Lasagna and Carrot Gnocchis.  I really can’t express how good the kelp noodles were-they are my favorite dish!  They are creamy and spicy and aldente, if you can believe it.  So good!  The lasagna is unbelievably satisfying and the carrot gnocchis were light and delicate.  We finished the meal with a duo of desserts; the Key Lime Pie and the Chocolate Ganache Cake with Churro Ice Cream.  Wow!  The desserts are a must try.  The pie was light and refreshing and the chocolate cake was rich and decadent.  The ice cream was freakishly dairy-like.  So delicious!  My mom is still talking about the meal!  The thing I appreciate the most about this restaurant is that it’s so good you don’t even realize that the food is raw.  It’s not “good for a raw food place”, it’s just good food!

photo_5_medium make_medium carrot_medium dessert_medium

We also visited Susan Feniger’s Street in West Hollywood.  My husband and I just love that place.  Although it’s not a vegan restaurant, they have a ton of vegan options, each are clearly marked.  And all of the options are delicious.  It’s not like they just phoned it in with the “veg” options (you know what I’m talking about), the food is really thoughtful and yummy.  It’s a small plate restaurant, which is perfect for us because we love to share.  Ok, here’s what we got: Yucca Fries w/Coconut Curry, Jackfruit Bao, Ramen Noodles w/Bok Choy, Tofu & Mushrooms, Potato Samosas & Apricot Cake.  We liked everything.  If you’ve never tried yucca fries, I suggest you do.  They are starchy and crunchy and a nice alternative to potato.  The coconut curry on top was a little thick for my taste but it was a delicious dish.  The bao is my favorite.  The bun is soft and a little chewy and it’s covered in a peanuty-hoisen sauce-whew-so good!  The ramen was solid.  I always love a good noddle dish.  The samosas were just delicious-crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle.  It comes with a date chutney, cilantro pesto and raita (not vegan).  I would eat the date chutney by itself, it was that good.  And I loved finishing the meal with such a delectable little cake.  It was moist and flavorful.  I am always so excited when my dessert is more than sorbet :-)

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If you haven’t tried M.A.K.E or Street, you definitely should make your way there.  You won’t be disappointed.  Where have you been eating lately??

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