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Our Bakesale: A Wrap Up


I am pleased to announce that our little vegan bakesale for Japan resulted in a mighty donations. We made almost $800 for Shelter Box charities.  The day was absolutely beautiful and we met so many wonderful and generous people who were so eager to help.  We had so many delicious goodies to sell, it was no wonder that by the end of the afternoon, we’d nearly sold out of everything!  We had cookies, cupcakes, hand pies, chocolate-dipped macaroons, rice crispy treats, peanut butter cups, cream filled eggs, savory crostatas and I can’t even remember what else!  (Although I did buy my fair share of treats!)  Our volunteers were enthusiastic and energetic and I truly feel that I’ve walked away with some new friends.  It was a pleasure to do this bakesale and I am certain that our donations are going to provide help to those who need it.  Thanks again to all who participated…let’s do it again next year!


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