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The Dino Cake


So a couple of weeks ago my friend asked me if I could make a cake for her son’s birthday! “Of course!” I said, “No problem.” But, as she explained, her son really, really wanted a dinosaur cake. Now I can frost a cake and cupcake with the best of them but a dinosaur cake is a whole other animal (sorry for the pun). There are misshapen edges, weird angles, layers of frosting and piping and a whole host of other things that can go wrong. But, I wanted to challenge myself and make my friend’s son happy, so I of course, said yes. I found a great mold online and got to practicing. It really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The hardest thing about the whole cake was the intricate piping on the dinosaur body, which required me to ice my wrist for a few minutes (I know, such a wimp)! But all in all it turned out really well and what really matters is that the birthday boy was elated with his cake! As it turns out, the rest of the party was equally thrilled with it as evidenced by the empty cake stand.  I also did a few dozen cupcakes and played around with some new frosting styles.  I think they look really cute and without so much frosting, you could really taste the delicious cake.


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