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Our new packaging


Hello everyone! We have been busy! Our new packaging is fresh off the press and is getting ready to hit store shelves. We’ve added 3 new flavors to our line-up; The Americano (double chocolate chip with a hint of espresso), Cran Rustica (sweet & salty oatmeal cranberry) and Ginger-Binge (the ultimate ginger snap). They are all pretty awesome and round out our cookie collection nicely.
We are also gearing up for our first annual Vegan Bakesale to support Japanese relief efforts. All of Michy’s cookies will be available for sampling and purchase along with a ton of other delicious treats. Kim Garr of C’est la Vegan will be donating some of her delicious biscotti and several other local bakers will be baking up cupcakes, brownies, pies and other delectable goodies. We will have gluten free options as well as macaroons suitable for Passover. You don’t want to miss out on this! 100% of our proceeds will go to providing emergency shelter and supplies to the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
Please come on out and say hello:
Michy’s Bakesale for Japan
Saturday April 23rd 12-3
1425 Montana Ave (on the corner of 14th/Montana Aves)
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Our Bakesale: A Wrap Up


I am pleased to announce that our little vegan bakesale for Japan resulted in a mighty donations. We made almost $800 for Shelter Box charities.  The day was absolutely beautiful and we met so many wonderful and generous people who were so eager to help.  We had so many delicious goodies to sell, it was no wonder that by the end of the afternoon, we’d nearly sold out of everything!  We had cookies, cupcakes, hand pies, chocolate-dipped macaroons, rice crispy treats, peanut butter cups, cream filled eggs, savory crostatas and I can’t even remember what else!  (Although I did buy my fair share of treats!)  Our volunteers were enthusiastic and energetic and I truly feel that I’ve walked away with some new friends.  It was a pleasure to do this bakesale and I am certain that our donations are going to provide help to those who need it.  Thanks again to all who participated…let’s do it again next year!


The Dino Cake


So a couple of weeks ago my friend asked me if I could make a cake for her son’s birthday! “Of course!” I said, “No problem.” But, as she explained, her son really, really wanted a dinosaur cake. Now I can frost a cake and cupcake with the best of them but a dinosaur cake is a whole other animal (sorry for the pun). There are misshapen edges, weird angles, layers of frosting and piping and a whole host of other things that can go wrong. But, I wanted to challenge myself and make my friend’s son happy, so I of course, said yes. I found a great mold online and got to practicing. It really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The hardest thing about the whole cake was the intricate piping on the dinosaur body, which required me to ice my wrist for a few minutes (I know, such a wimp)! But all in all it turned out really well and what really matters is that the birthday boy was elated with his cake! As it turns out, the rest of the party was equally thrilled with it as evidenced by the empty cake stand.  I also did a few dozen cupcakes and played around with some new frosting styles.  I think they look really cute and without so much frosting, you could really taste the delicious cake.


Welcome, 2013!

Happy New Year!  I hope it was a beautifully, blessed year for you all.  2012 was very busy.  We finally got our cookies onto Ralph’s shelves (for those of you who don’t live in Southern California, Ralph’s is a huge grocery retailer).  That was a huge deal for us.  The cookies have done well and we’re looking to introduce some new gluten-free products very soon!

Life was a bit of a blur this past year.  My youngest is about to turn a year-eek!  And with two kids, a business and a household to run, some days I feel like my head is going to fall off.  It’s wonderful though and I feel blessed to be apart of this crazy life!

There were a few vegan goodies that I ran across this year and had to share.  If you haven’t had the chance to try any of these, you should definitely make it a priority.


just pure foods crispy onion rings knocked my socks off! I ran into these at Aptos Natural Foods when home for the holidays and they were awesome! They also have zucchini chips and tomato chips which looked divine!


These Go Raw pizza snacks are awesome! They taste just like pizza and provide the perfect cracker crunch without all the crap. Kids will love them too!

I also had the pleasure of trying Real Foods Daily’s Tu-nut salad.  It’s their take on tuna salad and it was delicious-hence no picture!  Instead of a soy base, it’s made from almonds with lots of yummy herbs and flavors.  It wasn’t until after I had inhaled the salad that it dawned on me that I should have taken a picture.

I will be blogging more this year; recipes, products, restaurants, personal stories-you name it, I’m writing about it.  So stay tuned and have a wonderful week.