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Michy's Foods is dedicated to helping people make healthier food choices and for us, that journey begins with our line of baked goods. Packed with just-like-Mom-used-to-make flavor, you'll discover that making a better choice for yourself, your family and the planet never tasted so good. Whether it¹s our line of vegan cookies and gluten free brownies or one of the recipes that we routinely post on our blog, let us show you just how good "good-for-you-food" can be!

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
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Vegan Ginger Cookies
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Americano Vegan Cookie: Mocha Chocolate Chip
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$4.00 Fudgy Wudgy Brownie - Walnut
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Vegan Brownies
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Quick & Easy Meal #4: Lentil Bolognese; it's time to get your pasta on!
March 10, 2014

I love pasta! One of my favorite childhood memories is watching my Nonna rolling out long sheets of homemade pasta from her hand cranked pasta machine.  Over and over again, through and through, until the pasta got just the right...

Quick & Easy Meal #3: It's Chili Night...
March 06, 2014

Let me tell you a little bit about this recipe.  A long time ago, about 8 years or so ago, my husband (who was then my boyfriend, soon to be fiance) decided he would make me a special Valentine's dinner. ...

Quick, Easy Meal # 2: Healthy Fried Rice
March 04, 2014

Ok, everyone, here it is! Meal #2. I absolutely love this recipe! It is my go to-last minute-kids are hungry-and I have nothing but rice in the fridge-meal. Not only is it quick (pre-make the rice and this dish literally...

Easy Weeknight Meals
March 03, 2014

We asked and you answered! I wanted to know what topics you wanted us to cover most on our blog and overwhelmingly, you all said "QUICK, EASY MEALS"! So, I've created a 5-day dinner menu along with shopping list, that...